PT KPI Held Chess Contest in the Buffer Zone

In commemorate and celebrate the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia and the 24th Anniversary of KPI, PT KPI held a chess competition in the yard of the Loktuan Kelurahan office, last Wednesday (August 7, 2019) and was attended by several chess participants around the Loktuan and Guntung Districts. HRD & GA General Manager, Mr. Benedictus Budi Hermawan expects the role of employees and the community in supporting the company’s program while maintaining friendship and communication. “To establish a beautiful relationship with the community, is part of a series of celebrations for the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary and KPI Anniversary,” he said.

Meanwhile, Loktuan Village Chief, M Takwin, appreciated PT KPI’s attention in organizing the chess competition. “We thank you for the attention of PT KPI for organizing a chess competition in our area and Guntung” he said.

This activity was attended by Chairman of the KPI Employees Association (AKKPI) Rully Adrian Nugroho, GA Manager Muhammad Nasrudin, Chair of the 24th Anniversary Committee of PT. KPI Danny Anggara along with a number of KPI employees together with Loktuan Lurah, M. Takwin, and Guntung Lurah, Ida Marsono.

This activity was also attended by 50 participants using the Swiss competition method with stages of seven rounds last night. The activity lasted for 4 hours until reaching the 7th round and only 1 participant resigned in the 5th round. Mariana from RT 2, Guntung Urban Village came out as the winner in the PT KPI Chess Competition. Meanwhile, in the second and third place were Sutoyo from RT 18 Loktuan and Dani from RT 47 Loktuan.