safety and environment

As a company engaged in manufacturing ammonia (petrochemical) with high potential work risks, the fulfillment of HSE (OHS & Enviroment) is an absolute requirement to ensure the interest of all stalkholders.


OHS and Environment implementation is one of the efforts to create a working environment that is safe, healthy and prosperous, free of workplace accidents and occupational diseases, as well as free from environmental pollution to the increase in productivity, as mandated by Law No. 1 Year 1970 on Work Safety.

Workplace accidents not only cause loss of life and material losses for workers and employers, but can also interfere with the production process as a whole and destroy the environment that ultimately affect the wider community.

PT Kaltim Parna Industri in carrying out all activities of the plant has established a documented procedure to explain the mechanisms regarding the identification of hazards and environmental aspects, assessment and control of environmental risk and impact that can be caused or potential of the processes contained in the manufacture of ammonia.

Activities of all personnel who has a working relationship with PT Kaltim Parna Industri including subcontractors and guests are provided with information and are required to obey the rules that apply in PT Kaltim Parna Industri and all applicable laws and regulations as well as other terms of reference and or national and international standards related with quality, safety, occupational health and the environment.


PT Kaltim Parna Industri is an asset in its operations should be maintained and protected from possible fires, explosions, accidents and environmental pollution and events that may be detrimental. To overcome this, PT Kaltim Parna Industri formed a special team that is Emergency Response Team (ERT).



Emergency response training activities (emergency drill) in PT Kaltim Parna Industri organized and managed by the unit QSHE scheduled.

Committee of Occupational Health and Safety (P2K3) In order to improve and develop safety and health efforts in the company be developed continuously and in line with the establishment P2K3.