Sugar Palm Cultivation

Starting from sugar palm plants that grow wildly, Guntung residents have not managed optimally, so KPI wants to participate in the empowerment of bufferzona communities, especially the Guntung palm farmers. Whereas currently the sugar palm plants that grow in Guntung are only partially processed into palm sugar and some are sold in the form of palm juice.

On this occasion through the CSR program, KPI provided 500 sugar palm seeds which were ready for planting and distributed on the location of the aren farmers’ land.

It is expected that the CSR program from KPI can help the community:

  • Building a culture of planting palm tree seeds for the community, which so far has only relied on natural nurseries from the distribution carried out by animals that live in the forest.
  • Provide alternative business opportunities for residents to get wages / income from the production of sugar palm trees.
  • Empowering local communities through handicrafts made from palm trees such as handicrafts, palm fiber brooms, palm brooms, kolang kaling, palm juice and palm sugar.

This program will be fully run by the Farmers Group and in this case PT. Kaltim Parna Industri (KPI) conducts assistance from nursery, planting, maintenance to processing the results.

Tree planting activities can involve school children from 9 Guntung Middle School and are made a tradition for school children as an effort to build environmentally sound character, get to know palm trees more closely, where planting activities can be used as extra-curricular activities that are full of education and benefits.

On this occasion, at the 9 Guntung Middle School, the school buildings were already good but the conditions were still arid so the KPI also donated fruit trees to be planted around the school yard. Some plants have been sent to school yesterday.

On this occasion, delivered in 2012 the KPI donated 2 units of Gazebo for the Guntung Customary House, the conditions were rotten and we also had painted and replaced the weathered ceilings.