PT KPI donate Biopore Pipes

Closing the year 2016, along with the Bontang city program Gerakan 10.000 Biopori”, PT Kaltim Parna Industri has given and distributed some Biopori pipes and also socializing the making of Biopori holes. The pipes donation given are 100 units, which is divided into two district in KPI’s buffer zones area. 50 unit for Guntung District and 50 units for Lok Tuan District.

Hopefully each house in those district has 1 biopori hole. Biopori hole is an appropriate and friendly environment technology that would be useful to increase the water absorption region, increasing the quality and quantity of ground water, and also to prevent floods. Moreover Biopori hole can be used to reduce household waste and the compost of its result will be automatically fertilize the soil.