Welcoming Eid Al-Fitri 1438H, Joint Wife of Employees of PT Kaltim Parna Industri (Giska KPI) does not want to miss contributing. In the momentum of this year’s Ramadan, Giska KPI again held an activity “Cheap Giska KPI Bazaar”. The activity took place at the Guntung Customary House on Saturday (10/6) yesterday. Activities attended by HRD & GA KPI General Manager Budi Hermawan, Guntung Village Head Ida Idris, Giska KPI Chairperson Fransisca Budi Hermawan, and Guntung Village Community started at 8am. This activity was positively welcomed by the surrounding community.

This year’s Cheap Bazaar Giska KPI provides 300 packages of cheap basic food items intended to help ease the burden of the pre-prosperous community in Guntung Village. For the orderly event, Giska KPI in collaboration with the Guntung Subdistrict listed the cheap bazaar participants and distributed coupons. This is done so that the package given is right on target. Cheap packages that sell for Rp.50,000 consist of 5 kg of rice, flour, cooking oil, and sugar.

Budi Hermawan explained, the activities carried out by Giska KPI were not only to show concern for others, but also to educate KPI’s extended family to care for others. So that they can personally awaken their social spirit and concern for others who need it.

“The activities carried out by this large KPI family, we hold every year with the hope that the people who receive assistance can fulfill their needs during this Ramadan month. Hopefully with the help that we have provided, the KPI will get support and prayers from the community for the continuity of the smooth operation of the company, “he hoped.

Meanwhile Chairperson Giska KPI said, this activity was one of a series of social activities that Giska KPI conducted during this year’s Ramadan. In addition to the Cheap Bazaar on June 15, 2017, Giska KPI will also distribute prayer and groceries to Nurul Hidayah Loktuan Orphanage, Hidayah Orphanage KM.3, and Al Maghfiroh Nursing Home on Jl. The axis of Bontang Sangatta.

“This social activity is also a place of friendship and also a place to share blessings with the people in Kel. Guntung, “he said